Liaising with the press

The Coalition for Evidence-based Education (CEBE) is developing an Education Media Centre - a new initiative that aims to make education research more accessible to the media and policy makers and so improve policy development, practice and public understanding of education. It will provide users with authoritative, independent and accessible insights from education research in response to current research and policy developments.

Serving professional's needs

The aim of the Evidence for the Frontline (E4F) scheme is to develop and test ways of enhancing educational practice by linking practitioners with researchers, high quality evidence, evidence-based programmes and colleagues in other schools.

The project is a collaboration between Sandringham School in St Albans and the Institute for Effective Education, University of York, working with 11 schools to develop the process and a further 20 to pilot it.


Guidance for schools and teachers on how to be a research-engaged school

Several groups at the CEBE event in December 2014 suggested aspects of work that need to be done to encourage the development of research-engaged schools. These have been merged into a single proposal, titled ‘How to be a research engaged school.’ The project, as it stands, would outline some clear and actionable guidance for schools on how to create an environment in which evidence-informed practice can flourish.